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           Special Body Slim Treatment with Lumicell Touch

Treatment use the high function body device" Lumicell Touch", providing effective control and elimination of cellulite, increase lymphatic system activity.

"Lumicell Touch" is able to penetrate into the heart of the cell with infrared  light,

it stimulates functions that inhibit the storage of fat and triggers its release.

Combines a skin fold and vacuum massage to reach deep into sub dermal tissue.

Suction draws tissue up between the rollers to lift, fold and roll the skin and subcutaneous tissue. By remodeling the fatty layer, reduces the dimpling and 

"orange peel" effects of cellulite. 

Treatment also use the products have high-tech active ingredients, support

the microcirculation and protects against free radicals.

Treatment are easily adaptable to different body shapes and can be tailored to treat a

variety of issues and concerns.

Package also available, please call for details or visit the spa for a free consultation.

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                                                          Arm                  $98

                                                           Back                $120

                                                           Legs                 $158

                                                           Abdomen     $158

                                                           Buttocks       $148  

                                                          Body                 $398