Couple Massage Special    $150

        with one beverage

Please call for your appointment or free consultation

Silk Cotton Spa

9:30AM - 7PM M-F,  9:30AM - 5PM Sat                

   (203) 600-9014 



Swedish Massage                        $50 / 30m

                                                                $90/ 60 m

Slip away into total relaxation with a classic Swedish Massage that indulge the entire body,

mind, and spirit. This massage uses light to moderate  pressure  and is  suggested for someone

looking for relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage               $60 / 30m

                                                               $100/ 60m

Target specific areas by utilizing deeper pressure, reaching deeper layers of muscle and tissue

combined with traditional Swedish technique.

Spa Couple Massage                 $198 /60m

    with one beverage / appointment & deposit require

Enjoy one special hour with someone is important in your life!

Relax your body and mind in our beautiful couple room.



Aromatherapy Massage         $10

Sensory simulating benefits of aromatic essential oils, will increase relaxation

and indulge your psyche during this relaxation massage.

Shea Butter Massage                $10

Shea Butter has been long know for its healing qualities, specifically for the skin. It heals

scar tissue, dry skin or burns. This hydrating massage will leave your skin feeling supple

and smooth.