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                Wellness center

9:30AM - 7PM M-F,  9:30AM - 5PM Sat                

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Permanent Hair Removal

by appointment

Swedish Massage                        $50 / 30m

                                                                $90/ 60 m

Slip away into total relaxation with a classic Swedish Massage that indulge the entire body,

mind, and spirit. This massage uses light to moderate  pressure  and is  suggested for someone

looking for relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage               $60 / 30m

                                                               $100/ 60m

Target specific areas by utilizing deeper pressure, reaching deeper layers of muscle and tissue

combined with traditional Swedish technique.

Spa Couple Massage                 $198 /60m

    with one beverage / appointment & deposit require

Enjoy one special hour with someone is important in your life!

Relax your body and mind in our beautiful couple room.



Aromatherapy Massage         $20

Sensory simulating benefits of aromatic essential oils, will increase relaxation

and indulge your psyche during this relaxation massage.

Hot Stone Massage                   $20

Use heated stone warm up tight muscles and problem area, release tension and stress

Please call for your appointment or free consultation

Couple Massage Special    $150

        with one beverage