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Applications:        Skin Rejuvenation,      Pigment Removal,     Vascular Removal

                                     Winkle & Fine Lines Removal,      Acne Removal,        

The SHR machine has  multi pulse modes and can emit controlled energy levels. It works by delivering a broad range of colors of light at the same time,

to treat multiple skin conditions occurring in small or larger areas, different light are

delivered to different skin. The SHR machine allows practitioners to choose the best setting and wavelength for targeting specific skin conditions. These conditions include deep wrinkles, sun spots, epidermis brown or red pigment.

SHR is also used to smooth the texture of the skin("Skin Resurfacing"), also decrease brown spots. Each of these treatments focus on different combinations of skin issues.

Some work for more superficial  freckles, others are more effective for pigment like deeper sun damage.

Certain filters reduce brown and red while others lighten brown spots and smooth skin texture, promotes collagen to growth, strengthen flexibility of skin, reduces acne treatment, shrink the thick pore, for endogenous pigment, for exogenous pigment.

Treatments are usually performed every three to four weeks, depend on skin condition.

3-4 treatments are recommended.

Avoid sun exposure and no sun tanning after treatment for 4 weeks.

SHR           Skin Care

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