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SHR    Permanent Hair Removal

SHR is the newest form of permanent hair removal, offering a quick and pain free experience

for man & woman, all Hair & Skin type.

When traditional  technologies  transport the energy to the hair root through melanin,

skin and red cells also absorb the high levels of energy this can lead to swelling several days or skin burns. SHR technology utilizes the melanin path with only partially energy. The device passed over the tissue 6-10 times using low energy but a high rate of repetition instead of using the tradition

method with single, high-energy impulses.

SHR enables the successful treatment of blonde and in part even white hair. 

Given that hair pigment is only depending on your skin and hair type, may take 6-9 treatment

before you will see a permanent reduction. 

For one small body part SHR takes 5 to 15 minutes and a larges area can be completed in 30

to 45 minutes.

You can shave the area the night before treatment for the skin to be less sensitive to the treatment.

Strictly avoid sun exposure for at least 2weeks after treatment.

No Sun Tanning!

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