Couple Massage Special    $150

        with one beverage

Please call for your appointment or free consultation

Silk Cotton

                Wellness center

9:30AM - 7PM M-F,  9:30AM - 5PM Sat                

   (203) 600-9014 



For our on-site Hair/Nail Salon service please call     (203)710-0792   Britney

Men Hair Cut                          $20

Women Hair Cut

            w/Blow Dry                  $35

Children Hair Cut                 $15

Shampoo                                      $25

             w/Blow Dry                   $25

             w/Flat Iron                     $30

             w/Curling Iron             $30


Single Color                                $55

Color, Cut                                     $75

Toner                                               $20

Additional Color                       $30


Full Highlight

    with Cut, Blow Dry                             $115

Partial Highlight

with Cut,Blow Dry                                 $85

Face Frame Highlight 

with Blow Dry                                           $45

with Cut, Blow Dry                                 $55

Additional Highlight Services

Free Hand Painting                   $130up

Boliage Partial                                  $80up

                  Full                                        $120up

                  Face Frame                         $60up


Perm, Cut                                       $75

Conditioning Treatment       $30

                          w/Blow Dry